Often my life seems to be upside down. Now I know why. I realized it just yesterday.
My work doesn’t collaborate with my astrological life. That’s it! How on earth does my schedule-planner think? It’s his/her fault to why I never have the time to hang my pictures which still awaits in the attic, why my
cd’s never sorted by genre and initial letter, or why I never manage to have my to-do notes completely ticked off so that they by now could fill a stationary (or mostly just laying around).
When my horoscope for the weekend in one of Sweden’s largest evening paper, says that P is for Party and that I will be in a Fast Pace, my roster says sit twelve hours on a chair three nights in a row, Friday Saturday, Sunday.
And there I sat feeling terrible wrong, listening to Sommar i P1 (all Swedish know that program is a statement for lazy summer days) at the radio kept an eye on the people moving outside the door as well at the same time try not to glance at the clock every second minute just for to realize it was five minutes since last time I looked. Perhaps you wonder which part I’m paid for? The keep an eye on –part. Well anyhow. Ten hours of simply… sitting, left. When I should be waving my hands on a dancefloor right now, practicing Fast Pace.



Now seriously. As Ragna have been working for this Company more than half a year she thought of herself a little more higher off that the ones employed after her. She was in the game she thought. Of course they counted with her when all the fulltime workers have their summer vacation. Why shouldn’t they? Her roster was planned to be full. At least according to her counting. She is experienced at three rolling cars at night, the number 1313, 1315 and 1321 and had the training for the 1317 as well as some rounds for the 1319. How could there be no shifts left for her? No shifts left, that’s the explanation She got.
That’s why they put her on the stationary. At one of the places in Gothenburg for people that of different reasons can’t get someplace to live at the regular housing market. And at night She’s stationed there. As for Ragna, used to always be on the roll it has its’ boring moments. And with that a certain insanity.

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