When you are about to leave and be away and elsewhere for some time like half a year, you should have some very rainy days days before so that you don’t feel bad about sitting in front of your computer holding a to do-note in your left hand and a telephone reciever in your right. Today it’s raining.

[ ] Pay rent for five months. Will do in September
[ ] Call my local tax-office about how to declare possible Australian income
[X] Unsubscribe the morning paper
[ ] Buy a power socket with different pins
[ ] Deregistration my car and prepare reregistration documents
[X] Inform the insurance-company about the latter
[X] Print parking permit documents for to fill in when coming back
[X] Get permission from work that I want be away for five and a half months. My supervisor simply asked why on earth I plan to go back to Sweden in February
[X] Apply for an International Driving License for Australia. Found out that if I were going to Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive at all
[ ] Write my CV in English and get copies
[X] Get a travel insurance and as well a certificate in written to wave in front of every suspicions doctor when I get injured
[ ] Call my travel agency about my VISA when I haven’t received it yet and it’s three weeks left until I need it
[ ] Buy padlocks for my backpack. Do I need sunglasses
[X] Send an email to my Unemployment Benefit Office about how to do when I’m gone
[X] Buy a camera, perhaps a camera case and lens. Canon EOS 350D but no lens yet
[ ] Book a hotel for my two days in Bangkok
[X] Buy new sandals

Twentyfour days left.