-I’m not sure, but within six hours I will be on my way ready or not.
My backpack is packed, I’ve got my tickets and I slept well tonight. My toes are cold and happy to come to warmer weather -I really picked the right time for going.

But I can’t really look forward to something as nothing really is planned more than those fisrt six days in Sidney included in my ”starter package”. My father asked me ”do you have any plans?” and I said ”no”. I dunno. I don’t know If I will get a job to begin with as I wish. I don’t know if I will get along with other backpackers down there, or if my money will be enough for five months. I haven’t looked up any places I want or should visit, nor checked where the best windsurfing weather is at the moment. Don’t know if I have the chance to meet my around-the-world-backpacking-friends Linda and Stefan even though we are in the same country.
I can’t help but feeling quite blank about this.  But I will never find out if I don’t go. I have a eight hour flight to start with and two nights in Bangkok. I’ll begin there.
Will try to keep my blog updated.
C ya!