After some investigation, this is what we lost during our four months journey

• One pair of earrings. About a week after I bought them.
• One towel
• A pair of jogging shoes
• A bottle of washing liquid for our glasses
• One brush
• My Lonely Planet Australia. Lost three times. Got it back three times. Phew!
• As well I had my lost Mp3-player back… and at the same time the two Nintendo DS *doh Ragna!*
• One Micro Sd Memory Card
• A couple of spoons
• Martins MasterCard. Luckily one of few things that we got back -sent to us by post. But someone had folded it. Now Martin carries a scratched, folded MasterCard.
• One jar of apple jam, one bottle of Pesto, cheese, and a cucumber… *Martin!*

We had only one thing stolen -an Ice Pack, the expensive one with blue liquid inside.