I remembered when it once snowed on my birthday 15th of May. I stood in the hallway by the window, the windowsill reached my chin, looking at the large snowflakes danced through the sky and landed on the green lawn.
I remembered when I followed my parents down to our church for
to celebrate Walpurgis Night with a large ”May-bonfire” and fireworks . It was always dark, often rainy and the trees hardly had any leaves. Yet the church choir sang to celebrate the spring and the bonfire was hot and we children ran around the large oak trees and the parents stood talking to each other as everyone knew each other from the small village.

And it’s a bit hard when you realize that nothing beats your childhood memories. When you expect things to be as you remembered it to be when you where little.
I wanted to go home to my parents for Walpurgis Night and 1st of May but had to work and was forced to stay in Gothenburg. So we went down to Slottskogen to have a look at the bonfire… just to realize that it was far away from that magic as it was when you where ten years old.

We were not the only ones there

On the way back home

A bit shaky, didn’t bother about taking the tripod with me

Childhood memories or not, the spring has at last decided to settle in Sweden. It won’t snow on my birthday this year.

Martin’s father’s cabin three weeks ago

Vitsippor (wildwood windflower), a sign of spring