Fourteen chosen courses and programs for university three months ago. I only qualified for a few of them. My first choice not included. And so there were two left in the end. One program and one course. I decided for a soft start for my future studies and applied for the course.

I’ve been afraid, I’ve been curious. It was a long time ago I studied and high school is definitely not like university. I’ve been angry of that all this should have been done long time ago. But still -maybe I should wait? And if now, where to start? Not sure if I’m smart enough, not sure… Not sure of to apply, not sure of what to apply for.

But I did. Even qualified for a program in gardening engineering.

And last week I had my first registration at university and my first lecture ever. I didn’t get a jot. But I guess its OK as long as I get over it. And get the thing of being a student.

I’m going to study culture and building preservation ( Kultur och Byggnadsvård) at Gothenburg University and it’s a two term long course, part time. And It’s going to be interesting.