Hardly no documentation was done along the renovation in the sixties. Therefore it’s  impossible to know today in which condition the castle had before it began and why they considered a total renovation. Many who worked at the castle at that time are now to old or already dead.

But. They left one wall. One wall was left as a document. One wall on the smaller tower. With 400 year old slaked lime plaster. This is how it looks.

Såhär kan kalkbruk se ut efter några hundra år på nacken. Bedöm själva -fult eller snyggt? Är det okej om hela slottet ser ut såhär? Om inte -hur gör man? Hur tänkte man på sextiotalet? Hur hade man tänkt idag?

To use lime is to be aware of that shorter intervals in the maintenance is needed to keep the walls in good condition, more than using Portland Cement. Still -the Portland Cement lasted forty years without any interference whatsoever.