After a guided tour inside the castle (photography prohibited -though I tempted fate and took a rather harmless picture through the window, all original ),

the last thing scheduled that day was to visit the garden.

…Which is placed behind this wall.

The reason why is that the castle lies in on a quite windy cape in the lake Vänern as much as protection of the garden.

Welcome, step in.

The garden was constructed at the same time as the castle in the 17th century, but until some years ago deserted.

It’s difficult today to know how the garden ought to look like as few blueprints or documents have been found.

Though this new built pergola is considered as original as it was quite fashion at that time.

And as some plants, such as Tagetes, where exclusive in year 1615 a complete restoration would probably today make visitors  think of the garden as quite boring.

Nowadays the garden supply the restaurant and kitchen with vegetables and thanks to the gardener Simon Irvine it’ll have different design every year.

Straight lettuce.

From the beginning the kitchen inside the castle had it’s own vegetable garden and this one served as a leisure park for the owners.

Uppstammat äppelträd längs med den faluröda väggen. Ett äppelträd som är Kung Karl Gustav den XVI’s äppelträd. Tydligen.