-And to where are you going to drive?

-I’m going to Caserta.

And there I was, in Italy, with a rental car key in my hand.

Last weekend I visited Martin at work in Caserta, Italy. As Martin had to work on Friday and my flight was early on Sunday, it was touristing express in the Naples province on Saturday. Which include to be exposed to the not so Swedish like Italian traffic.

We survived. We managed to see a lot in just one day. And of course to try the original Italian pizza.


Someone lives here. He has his own pillow.

We thought the traffic jam would be much less the earlier on a Saturday morning. What a mistake.

The have peculiar pine trees, like big umbrellas.

They do have traffic sign, but follow them randomly.
Note the fig-tree growing like weed close to the pole .

First stop was to be dei ponti. It took nine years to build.

From year 1753 to year 1762.

It is named after the designer and the orderer -Vanvitelli and Charles de Bourbon.

The Vanvitelli aqueduct.

And was suppose the supply the castle Reggia de Caserta with water.

The bridge, or aqueduct, is 520 meter long, but the whole aqueduct-stretch from the Apennines mountains to the castle, reach 38 km.

I guess they got the idea of an aqueduct from the Romans, who built similar ones 312 B.C  already.

As we drove up the mountain to get some overlooking view we ended up at a church.

It was much more cold up there and probably another climate zone.

Quite a view over Caserta from the church.

We drove back down.

And I had to stop to take pictures on the olive grove.

And so we continued more further south, past the Vesuvius volcano, down to…

To be continued ->