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La Loggetta pizzeria in Caserta. Street view here.

We queued two hours to get in.

The place wasn’t even that fancy.

It must have been for some other reason to queue for on a Saturday evening.

All families in Caserta where there heed to the sound level.

After seated we waited 50 minutes to get the pizza.

We ordered La Loggetta speciale.

I tried to film the pizza being made as a lesson to all pizza bakers in Sweden.
Really, you have something to learn.

And so. A whole baking tin.

Margherita on one side. The other side filled with Mozzarella, Prosciutto di Parma, tomatoes and salad. The middle covered with three types of cheese.

Honestly, pizza was the only thing -apart from breakfast and Italian ice cream-I ate during that weekend… no regrets!

Swedish pizza will never be the same.

I’ve heard that the Italian food is very regional. So pizza should be eaten in Naples and nowhere else.

I also heard that they have chocolate-pizza at la Loggetta pizzeria…