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The moon set in 2010 too.

It was cold. Darn cold, you really had to wrap up for taking a walk.

I had soup at Kasernen (the barracks) and danced a bit.

I had boiled egg for breakfast and a social critic magazine to that.

Attended two lovely birthday parties. On of them together with a blond wig.

Suddenly it was spring and Valpurgis Night and I for the first time witnessed what that implies for a Lunda-student. ”Don’t forget the scarf my son!”

Me and my class visited a babyleaf (salad) cultivation. Picking allowed. Children allowed.

I had a veggie birthday-cake.

Finally summer holiday happened and me and Martin took our surfing-boards to Öland again.

The weather was much more grey than last summer with less surfing as an outcome.

We pushed rusty buttons at a museum in Upperud, Dalsland.

I worked a lot, using my PDA (handheld PC with e.g GPS) as a extra stand to manage to charge the with-a-bad-fit-in-the-charger-maglite.

Made disaster saffron rolls -forgot the salt and baked them too long 😦
It stared out so fine -look!

Drove home to my parents for Christmas through a snowy winterland in 26 degrees Celsius.

Martin was very handsome in his hat.

I traveled with the train lot, together with computer-maniacs.

I did growth-hormone test on whey sprouts.

And tried to have a discussion with the most skeptical mister cat ever.