I know I’ve been bad at posting lately. The less blog post, the more time for finish off school and begin to work again. Summer ”holiday” -right!

Some  days ago Malmö City arranged Malmö Garden Show connected with the popular gardening TV-programme Trädgårdsfredag –Gardening Friday with John Taylor and Pernilla. Becoming a horticulture-specialist off course we had to pay a short visit. You could buy flowers, garden accessories, talk about pelargonuims with the Swedish Pelargonium Society, get gardening advices from John himself, watch several exhibition gardens (black and white accents against lime green seems to be in this year) or just take a look around and have a fika.

You could also elect the best designed balcony out of four designed balconies. And fancy, one of the balconies were designed by my friend Jenny! We had  to take a look.

Balcony #4 Eva Hedgate, Vardagsinspiration/everyday inspiration.

Balcony # 3 – Hwilan Education – the actual winner.

Linda a bit sceptic.

Balcony # 1 – Malmö community, technique dept. Designed by a graduated gardening engineer!

Balcony # 4 Jenny Nilsson SLU Alnarp – Norrbalkong / flowers suitable for northern locations.

Lovely! You did well Jenny. And guess what -she was voted second best!

We´re talking about the pine trees to Be in an installation like this.

And all those flashing gardening magazines out there with amazing floral-pictures… I just realized how hard it is to catch the right expression of already installed gardens.