Dilemma. Should I continue to read about excess Mn causes Fe deficiency on potatoes grown in nutrient culture, or should I go shopping?

Why I should stay at home, continue studying: I haven’t been full time -studying during the weekdays this week. At all. Therefore I’m punished to sit at the weekend to catch up. Reality.
Why I should go shopping: Ehrm, it’s more of a ”I WANT to” go shopping than a must really… and I’d like to have a break. I wouldn’t buy anything, more of a window shopping. I’ve been cramming through several nutrition journals for ages by now. At least that’s how it feels like 😛
Facts/good to know about the case: Within a week this essays about nutrition in apple orchards has to be turned in and I still don’t know the conclusion or how to answer the questions asked.
Conclusion: Procrastination -that’s me!