Martin nourish an expectation about me being a famous blogger. Most important, add well-paid famous blogger. Who get paid for every single reader.

Now, that will never happen, since there are three things (I believe) you have to overcome for becoming that famous blogger one.
-First, you have to write new post every day.
Second, you have to take stylish pictures of your posh outfit.
Third -you have to write about subjects that employ/upset people.
At least I think it’s one of the most winning concepts to become well known in the blogosphere with 10 000 followers a day. You could also be completely rude to everyone (I’ve noticed) but that concept … it’s just not my way of doing it.

My life will never give time for blogging every day. Virtually it takes approx. one hour and a half to build up one blog post -from editing photos to final grammar-check. Sometimes even longer. I seldom upset people because I find it hard to express my thoughts about controverse things in words.
I would love to present different outfits on this blog more often. It’s just such a constellation to get the camera at right position: yourself in the right position!, the right light, neat backgrounds and stuff -it seldom shows off well. Don’t forget I do still live in the dark of Sweden 😉
So Martin, I’m sorry. You’ll be my sugar daddy forever.
The rest off you -this is as good as it gets!